installation view    

how the unseen world works (2014)
kinetic installation at lizières, Epaux-Bezu, France
part of the exhibition "Lézards pour l´école"

material: soil, lamps, solar-panels and small motors, card board, wood, latex, string, grass, egg-shell, stones

Different kinds of soil and sand are piled up in 5 islands, each of them with its own character and mood.
But they all have one thing in common - it seems that some alien and unknown life form has lived or is still living there. Remains of another culture can be found:
a rusty satellite dish, which sends clinking sounds to the aether when it gets struck by a rotating stone. A dangling antennae reaches deep into the crater of an island,
where numerous sandy eggs are waiting to hatch at the shore. On the next island made out of dark soil, a rabbit-like creature spins relentlessly while a fragile spindle
transforms light-energy into strange floral patterns.
This installation is based around the topic of energy and its transformation. As the visitors walk through this scene, they detect that all mechanisms are driven by
small solar panels which again are fed by electrical table lamps. The changing manifestations of energy, which in itself always remains the same (as stated in the
fundamental "theorem of the conservation of energy" of natural science), appears as light then changes into movement, sound or other forms.

Maybe there are or will be existences in our universe, who can use energy in completely new ways - and maybe the survival of us human species will be depend on exactly this knowledge which is yet unknown to us.

spindle     eggs
kinetic object driven by solar energy       islands of eggs

satellite   rabbit  
satellite / kinetic object driven by solar energy
  kinetic object  

small island        
installation detail