große Form                    

"die große Form", installation detail, material: silicone, medicine balls, wooden crutches, foam, 540 x 330 x 220 cm

Installation at Galerie Esther Donatz, Munich, 2013

SHAPE & CONTROL: Hardly any slogan could describe the zeitgeist
better than that of a stocking and lingerie company for the promotion of
its shapewear products promising the perfect look of the body.
Therefore, it is no coincidence that Judith Egger’s solo show at Esther
Donatz Gallery has this title. It becomes a symbol of a society which not
only demands the highest quality standards and outstanding
achievements in the working world, but also dictates a constant
optimization of the self in the private life. As a result, it is no big
surprise that the movement ”Quantified Self“, founded in San Francisco
in 2007, has had a considerable increment in the last years. It focuses on
the improvement of body & soul through the evaluation of personal data.
According to the principle “Self Knowledge Through Numbers“ and
with specific applications, participants are able to measure their levels
of blood pressure or body fat, their slow-wave sleep phase and
document their social habits and activities. When does discipline turn
into masochism and the failure of reaching the optimum into self-
contempt? Isn’t there something tragicomic about the race against our
own imperfection and the mental as well as physical aging process?
Can happiness be found through self-observation and measurements?

Judith Egger‘s interpretation of this subject shows at one glace that she
would not unconditionally commit to this credo: The exhibition space is
occupied by a ranking figure which almost looks eerie with its
monstrous shape and facelessness. The white spicy surface stresses
its alien appearance. Medicine balls growing out of the object like
pumpkins seem to be out of place. On the one hand, it is fascinating
how the sculpture, supported by a number of different prostheses,
unfolds itself free from all constraints. Is there, on the other hand, a
secret desire to gain control over the faceless monster? Will the leather
harnesses on the wall with their snaffles and leashes be able to tame the
beast? While the extensive installation even evokes humorous
reactions, the harnesses visualize the painful and violent aspects of
society’s corset.


große form    
"die große Form", installation detail    
kleine form   geschrirr  

"kleine Form ", silicone, leather, metal
41,5 x 31,5 cm

  leather harnesses, leather, clay, metal, whip,

  Ballstudie II and Ballstudie III , leather, paper, string,
30 X 40 cm
leather harnesses, watercolour, glass, 42 x 32 cm