requiem for a cherry tree
installation and drawings at "hotel pupik", O.R.F.,
Austria 2005
Artists in Residence in der Schwarzenberg'schen Meierei
in Schrattenberg / St. Lorenzen bei Scheifling

group show as part of the artist in residency presentation


Heimo Wallner had just chopped down an old and ill cherry tree.I wanted to use material
from nature to create a three dimensional drawing and chose the tree as my starting point.
A thick branch of the tree put into space felt likemaking a mark with a big piece of charcoal -
thin,brittle and dry grass resembled lines made with a very hard and thin pencil.

Later I started to add heavier forms made out of wood, plaster and stones. Parts of the cherry tree, that were in a stage of transformation.  
  The charcoal drawing on the wall mixing with the installation.  
Small fertility fly-chapel out of paper