material: clay, plaster, string, silicone, sponge, plastic
dimensions: 2,5 x 3,5 m

instant mural: parasitärer Wandbefall
group show 2 maletas: nada que declarar Centro Cultural, Cali, Kolumbien 2009
curated by Kerstin Erdmann

" .(...) a portable show: this was the main idea which connects all the pieces. They literally had to fit into the suitcases of the curator. In most cases they were not small-format pieces, but works that were communicated through sketches, files and instructions. They have been completed in situ by the curator, assisted by assigned staff.
(...) In some of the pieces the artist and the curator did not have any physical contact, ie, all the planning was done through the internet or video conference. In this exhibition artists realized their vision through different languages, formats and media to develop the piece and plan ahead. At the same time in a metaphorical way, the exhibition refers to boîte-en-valise created by Marcel Duchamp from 1935 - 40, who said everything important that has been fit into a suitcase and that each one represents a museum Artist. Another project which has been inspirational for this exhibition was Peter Greenaway's Tulse Lupe." introduction by Kerstin Erdmann

The piece instant mural: parastitärer Wandbefall was also made to fit into a suitcase - an expandable mural which can be placed on any given wall according to very detailed instructions.
They could be seen on a "score" which was part of the suitcase along with all the particles, string, glue and pencil.The mural consists of various organic patterns: shells, bacteria, nets, parasites intertwine - if one looks closer, tiny skulls, body parts and dripping red substance give a more unsettling idea of the ingrediences and hints at the dark side of human social entanglement.






  instant suitcase effe wffw wdcs
plsuitcase with plan and instructions plus numbered components
detail of the plan Centro Cultural Cali: curators put the mural onto the wall details of the wall