material: soil, plants, snorkel for breathing space: inside a big wooden flower pot (approx 1m x 2m x 30cm)    

grüne erde (green earth
) 2008
5 hours buried inside a flowerpot
The fourth edition of the International Prize for Performance organized by the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea of Trento
at the Teatro Sociale in Trento, Italy

Twelve young artists from all over the world presented their previously unseen performances in front of the public and the
international jury.The jury included Carlo Antonelli (musical critic, director of Rolling Stone Italy), Catherine Wood (curator of
contemporary art and performance at the London Tate Modern) and Fabio Cavallucci (artistic director of Galleria Civica di Arte
Contemporanea, Trento).

performance concept

duration: 1-5 hours
location: In the foyer of the Teatro Sociale, Trento
description: For „Grüne Erde“ I will be buried underneath a layer of soil and lush grass and flowerplants.
The only thing visible of me is one of my bare breasts. I will breathe through a snorkel or breathing holes in the flower pot which are
as invisible as possible. My body and the earth become one, my breast looks like it is part of the vegetation, part of the earth.
It is dissociated from my body. The audience will wonder whether it is real - only by detecting small breathing movements which
make the plants on top of me shiver, they will know.

green-earth3   green earth6

This photo is by Hugo Muñoz. Courtesy Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento. All other photos are by Manuel Eitner. courtesy Judith Egger.




sketch_green earth  
sketch of the performance