the contamination suitcase
MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary 2007
the mushrooms spread from within the suitcase

Since more than 3 years the Institute for Hybristics and the Empirical Sciences of Swelling Bodies is researching the essence of the "swelling force", the all empowering force of life.
This force stands behind all evolution and growth.This applies to the developement of a whole nation just as much as for a small colony of ants. Like a parasite, the institute itself always looks for new opportunities and spaces to expand and continue the research.
This time the MODEM in Debrecen has been a host for the institute to execute an interesting experiment: a highly contaminated research suitcase has been placed inside the museum. Since the 21st of july 2007 a number of bacterias and a fast growing mushroom colony that have been transported in the suitcase started to spread throughout the museum. Specialists say that the MODEM will be completely overgrown and eroded by the mushrooms and bacterias within the next 2 years. A final collaps of the building due to the mushrooms is very likel

h  b.jknThe MODEM in Debrecen    

mush2   cafe

mushroom   plug   wall

the mushrooms conquer the building