start of the 24 hours performance


24 hours feeding-performance with Takehito Shiina (Sendai, Japan)

via an internet video platform, zkmax, München
curated by Horst Konietzny as part of the project A DAY IN A LIFE

The american artist Morgan O´Hara was travelling to Japan a few years ago. When she visited an exhibition of contemporary japanese art she came across the work of an artist which reminded her very strongly of that of her friend Judith. So she left a note for Takehito with Judith´s email and the advice to get in touch with her. Takehito luckily did and so they hooked up and got inspired by each others work.The dialogue between them started and has been continuing until now. „chopstick“ will be the first collaboration in which they will actually meet – even if it is only in cyber space.Takehito had the initial idea for this performance. He got inspired by an old japanese tale about heaven, hell and feeding each other with one metre long chop sticks. Judith and Takehito will stage a 24 hours long video-conference-performance in which they will try to feed each other through the world wide web.
They are both situated in their home town, Munich and Sendai, and will perform in public.

feeding times: 21 c´clock (sushi), 9 o´clock coffee, 13 o´clock Weisswurst, 19 o´clock instant noodles. Inbetween japanese tea ceremony held by Takehito´s mother






photography copyright Siegfried Wameser, Diana Ebster, Shiina Takehito 2008